Heavy Civil

With over 40 years of Federal project experience throughout the United States, J.E. McAmis has taken on a wide variety of unique and highly specialized heavy civil projects.  J.E. McAmis has performed major excavation projects, constructed material containment facilities, jettys, breakwaters, canals, drainage structures, bridges, wharves, docks, weir structures and levees; installed slurry/cutoff walls and relief trenches;  performed beach nourishments, slope protection, drilling and blasting, structural concrete, underground, tunneling, road construction projects as well as provided construction and support services to the oil and gas industries.


Date: 2013

Heavy lift services, fabrication and dive platform

Date: 2009

The Interim Corner Cut-off project was performed for the Canaveral Port Authority by J.E. McAmis, and consisted of approximately 225,000 cubic yards of upland excavation and another 300,000...

Date: 2007

The Herbert Hoover Dike Project was the first phase of a series of pilot projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, undertaken to stabilize the dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee. The...

Date: 2006

The Peanut Island / Snook Islands Environmental Restoration Project included excavation of over 1.3 million cubic yards of material, 53,000 tons of armor stone placement, construction of a dredged material...

Date: 2001

The Riverbed Gradient Facility, Sacramento California. Over 180,000 cubic yards of cementitious river rock was excavated. Approximately 240,000 tons of riprap was placed between a series of sheetpile walls which...