Port of Anchorage Intermodal Expansion Project




Anchorage, AK

Project Specifications: 

  • Agency: U.S. Maritime Administration
  • Contract Price: $4,800,000
  • Completion: 2008
  • Key Elements: Soft Sediment and Consolidated Materials Dredging and Barge Placement of Granular Fill


The Port of Anchorage Intermodal Expansion Project consisted of dredging of more than 150,000 cubic yards of soft sediments and stiff clay materials to a depth of -53’ with a tidal range of more than 30’. Upon completion of the dredging work, J.E. McAmis was tasked with backfilling and additional placement of more than 250,000 cubic yards of granular fill to elevations as high as +1’ as part of the creation of more than 8,000 LF of new dock space at the Port of Anchorage. Backfill materials were loaded via 60” conveyor onto J.E. McAmis dump barges and transported from Port Mackenzie to the new dock site, where the barges were directly deposited into the new fill prism.